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Receiving the Medal of Honor - 588 Words

The Medal of Honor is the nation’s highest medal for valor in combat that can be awarded to members of the armed forces (The United States Army Medal of Honor). But what are the criteria for the Medal of Honor? According to the United States Navy it is a person who: distinguishes himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty—(1) while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States; (2) while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force; or (3) while serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party (The United States Navy Medal of Honor). Let’s say, hypothetically, I am on a committee and I have to decide whether a brave soldier deserves a Medal of Honor for actions of extraordinary valor in combat. The soldiers brave action was jumping on what he t hought was a grenade while under heavy fire. However, what was thought to be a grenade was actually a cleverly carved mango. With that being said, should this soldier receive the Medal of Honor, or was this a classic case of moral luck, therefore, he should not be honored with the Medal? I do believe the Medal of Honor should be awarded to this soldier because every situation has an element of luck and different variables that are out of our control. The criterion for the Medal of Honor qualifies this soldier forShow MoreRelatedKyle Carpenter : Hero Of The Ages841 Words   |  4 Pagesallowed him to be awarded the Medal Of Honor. The Medal Of Honor is the highest military honor. Awarded for personal acts of valor and going above and beyond the call of duty. The evidence given above proves that Carpenter is humble,brave,very loyal to his men,and a hero. Carpenter speaks and encourages people. It is proven that the Medal Of Honor is â€Å"a tough medal to have and it is a tough thing to be honored with†. Navy Corpsman Don Ballard, who received the Medal Of Honor during Vietnam says â€Å"it sRead MoreThe Marine Corps Boot Camp1466 Words   |  6 PagesThe thirteen weeks are broken up into key training events. Along with each specific training event, recruits are continuously learning about Marine Corps history, drill movements, and enduring physical exercises on a day to day basis. Week one is â€Å"Receiving Week†, where all administrative, and medical paperwork is created, gear is issued, and the Initial Strength Test is given (IST). The IST is comprised of pull ups, crunches and a mile and a half run, which prepares recruits for the Physical FitnessRead MoreLetter For Support For Recognizing My Husband, Frank R. Gilman1357 Words   |  6 Pages9th 2015 the Maine Military Funeral Honors Program performed their 12 ,000th Military Funeral Honors Ceremony at The Maine Veterans Cemetery on Mount Vernon Road in Augusta Maine. Since the 2004 creation of the Maine Military Funeral Honors Program here in Maine, Frank built, organized and trained a full time Team to perform Military Funerals for all United States Army, honorably discharged Veterans in Maine. The establishment of The Army National Guard Honor Guard Program was the result of theRead MoreThe Great Man Theory Of Leadership1173 Words   |  5 PagesAmerican service-members have been awarded the Medal of Honor for their actions in Afghanistan with another four receiving the decoration for their actions in Iraq. The Medal of Honor is our nation’s highest military honor for valor in combat in the face of great danger and risk of life. Medal of Honor recipients exude the principles of Great Man leadership and their encounters with evil are the platform for the application of this theory. Every Medal of Honor is accompanied by a citation detailing theRead MoreThe Issue Of A White Lie1186 Words   |  5 Pagesdecorations and medals that were not earned. The purpose of the site is to criminalize profiting by falsely claiming to have received a military medal. If anyone falsely claimed to have received a military medal, it could land them in jail. While the act was not upheld in United States v. Alvarez, a website was created that publicly provides records of medal recipients. The Stolen Valor Act of 2014 was signed by Barack Obama in 2013 and considers fraudulently claiming to be a medal recipient a federalRead MoreExperience, Education And Expertise Level Of Motivation And Interest877 Words   |  4 Pagesfinishing in honors and receiving full admiration from staff and peers Spanish Translator 6/14/15-7/13/15 Complete translation from English to Spanish to help guide people who don’t comprehend the language, this helped spread more diverse ethnicity to the school, through this website edition I learned to add website management to my skill set. Education Berkley Accelerated Middle School 2009-2012 In just sixth grade I began to take high school honor classes and obtain academic honors and A honor roll,Read MoreMoakley Peace Medal Acceptance Speech860 Words   |  4 PagesPeace Medal Acceptance Speech In accepting this award on behalf of my father, I would like to begin as he would, by offering his and my most sincere and humble gratitude to Chancellor Motley and to the University of Massachusetts and its distinguished members for creating this medal and for choosing my father and, in a broader sense, the YaLa movement, as the recipients of the Moakley Peace medal. The very existence of the Moakley Chair of Peace and Reconciliation and of the Moakley Peace Medal areRead MoreThe Network Of A Network1104 Words   |  5 Pages20 Grammy’s and has been nominated for numerous other awards. Beyoncà © has donated and supported 38 foundations and charities. She is co-founder of an organization called Chime for Change, which focuses on the empowerment of women of all ages to receiving justice, health services and education. I chose Beyoncà © as a member of my Stiletto Network because she is inspiring and ambitious. She has already has helped start many organization in which promo te equality for women, which our network could buildRead MoreMarian Anderson : An American Concert Performer From Philadelphia1385 Words   |  6 Pages At first, the First lady was hesitant to challenge the DAR, believe that the â€Å"situation [was] so bad that plenty of people [would] come out against it† (FDR Library 2015). Instead, she started her support by presenting Anderson with the Spingarn Medal at the national convention of the National Association for the advancement of Colored People (the NAACP). However, her quiet rebellion was not achieving the kind of results she had wanted. So on February 26, 1939, the First Lady officially resignedRead MoreMilitary Generals And General Douglas Macarthur1577 Words   |  7 Pagesnot removed from that list by nine o’clock tomorrow morning I will resign.† Normally, the cadet would be punished or expelled for threatening the instructor, but MacArthur had a strong political and military background as his father re ceived the Medal of Honor on multiple occasions, also reaching the rank of General, and his grandfather acted as a judge of the Supreme Court. Because of his families’ successful background MacArthur showed much promise with his intellect and the instructor removed his

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Analysis Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare - 1659 Words

Jin Kim Ms. Hamrick English 10 Honors 9 November 2015 Macbeth Essay The theme of tragedy appears in various amounts of movies, literature, and plays which provided entertainment for people throughout the years. Movies and plays such as â€Å"The Titanic† and â€Å"Romeo Juliet† gave audiences a pang of sadness and amusement as the story line unraveled. Notably, the prevalence of the theme occurs in Shakespearean plays such as the tale of Macbeth which displays Aristotle’s definition of tragedy. The play Macbeth lives up to Aristotle’s definition of tragedy as demonstrated in the representation of the six principles through the characters and plot of the story. The first element of Aristotle’s model of tragedy named Anagnorisis, defines as the moment in the play when a character makes a critical discovery about his true identity or the true nature of his own situation. Throughout the story, Macbeth’s greed for the crown drives him to murder Duncan and commit many accounts of slaughters. He tr ansforms from a noble lord into a ruthless tyrant and dismantles everything around him. Furthermore, the prophecies Macbeth faces from the witches about his future engulfs his mind and causes Macbeth to send out murderers to kill all rivals in order to retain his power. Macbeth’s growing intensity of his madness deludes his mentality with the idea that he will never lose his crown since the prophecies said about him becomes true. He believes whatever the witches foretell about his futureShow MoreRelatedAnalysis of Macbeth by William Shakespeare Essay1823 Words   |  8 PagesAnalysis of Macbeth by William Shakespeare William Shakespeare wrote Macbeth between 1605 and1606 in what we call his dark period; it became one of his finest tragedies. Shakespeare loosely based his play on the historical chronicles of Ralph Holinshed. Macbeth, has everything one could wish from a tragic play: we have temptation, intrigue, murder, insanity, pathos and finally, retribution. Macbeth, highly esteemed by his monarch and peers, seems a highly Read MoreAnalysis Of William Shakespeare s Macbeth 1785 Words   |  8 PagesScotland! A man has a great ordeal on his hands. Some might say that Macbeth has a second chance or a life long dream that could change his future forever. Deep in the heart of Birnam forest, a castle sits upon Dunsinane Hill, with a man made foundation built from paved bricks that have housed the many Kings that have ruled this Kingdom. Macbeth hears a prophecy from three evil and dilapidated witches foretelling his future. Macbeth, terrified yet surprised, is unsure of his morals and is battling betweenRead MoreAnalysis Of William Shakespeare s Macbeth 1149 Words   |  5 Pagesplaywright, William Shakespeare remains to this very day a man with a past shrouded in mystery. Very few documents provide historians insight on his personal life. In fact, the record of Shakespeare in his earliest years is limited to a mere baptismal record th at reveals his birth date to be around April 26, 1564. Fifty-two years later from that day, Shakespeare would be interred at Trinity Church. Born near London in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon as the third child to John Shakespeare, the localRead MoreAnalysis Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare1266 Words   |  6 Pagesconflictions with not only self but others who may have a negative influence. Macbeth is a story of man, wanting to be recognized and have power. To get this power he will do anything, including murdering any man in his way. In doing so he slowly creeps into madness, leading him to only start harming innocent people because what his guilty conscience thought what was right was not. Macbeth conflicts with his self mind, Lady Macbeth is a major external conflict leading to both of them going mad, to thisRead MoreAnalysis Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare1171 Words   |  5 Pagesreward, while someone who commits a wrong gets punished in proportion to their deeds. For the story of Macbeth, there are multiple accounts of retributive justice. Evident, at evry level of the text, this theme can be felt and by the reader, wherein, the actions of the story’s characters become responsible for them in order to, gain or lose power and the actions taken against them. In the play Macbeth, multiple people act upon revenge. As it is said, that, time reveals the true personality of a personRead MoreAnalysis Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare1694 Words   |  7 Pagesthough he did everything he could to preserve his power, Macbeth, as a result of his evil deeds, breaks down in the end. Thus, throughout Rupert Goold’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and the witches’ persuasion brings out the sinful side of Macbeth that is responsible for the initiation of his immoral deeds that will eventually leads him onto the path of destruction. In the beginning of the film, Macbeth runs into a dilemma between having to choose loyalty or hisRead MoreAnalysis Of Shakespeare s Macbeth By William Shakespeare1351 Words   |  6 PagesKnown for his tragedy, intrigue, comedy, and romance, Shakespeare extends his boundary of prowess in the play Macbeth. The irony present in the play, the double-meaning of the characters’ actions, and the complexity of setting all contribute to a thrilling story of murder and looking beyond the superficial. Dramatic, situational, and verbal irony greatly contribute to the theme of things are not what they seem in Macbeth text and film. Shakespeare uses the contrast in irony to convey this in the character’sRead MoreAnalysis Of Shakespeare s Macbeth By William Shakespeare1236 Words   |  5 Pagesit. This idea of equivocation is abundant in Shakespeare’s tragedy, Macbeth. In Macbeth, Shakespeare exposes literary devices such as illustrative imagery, sarcastic similes, an d dubious diction to unveil one of his many themes: Things are not always what they seem. Shakespeare beautifully illustrates this fact through the duplicity of Macbeth, his wife, the three suspicious witches, and king Duncan . Starting the play, Macbeth is a very much regarded saint who seems, by all accounts, to be an incredibleRead MoreAnalysis Of Shakespeare s Macbeth By William Shakespeare2081 Words   |  9 PagesShakespeare Essay Shakespeare uses language in his literary creations as a technique to enrich the ideas of his works. In his play Macbeth, Shakespeare uses metaphor as a useful way to enhance language and construct the overall idea. Macbeth revolves around the prospect of ‘power,’ and also focuses on what one is willing to do in order to gain power, and also to maintain it. Throughout the novel, Shakespeare uses metaphors and comparative techniques that link together to develop theRead MoreAnalysis of the Three Witches in Macbeth by William Shakespeare1776 Words   |  8 PagesAnalysis of the Three Witches in Macbeth by William Shakespeare In this essay, I am going to look at and explore the three witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I will look at the way they are presented in each of their four scenes; how audiences might react to them and the part they play in his downfall. The witches don’t appear much in the play but bring about the idea of both evil and ambition. In Act 1 Scene 1 the mood is set. We first hear of the witches and the play

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Making Sex Offenders Names Public Free Essays

Amanda McCloskey â€Å"Making sex offenders names public. † Making sex offenders names public does have there ups and downs but i am totally for it. Sex offenders can be men or women it does not matter about what gender the sex offenders are because either way the adult is the one who is taking the innocents of a child. We will write a custom essay sample on Making Sex Offenders Names Public or any similar topic only for you Order Now In most cases the child can know there sex offender. The reasons why i think that sex offenders name should be public are, the protection of both genders and children in the area, for the sex offenders names to be out there so they have to live with what they did, so that the people from the community can prevent it from happening again. Sex offenders are very dangerous and we really don’t know when they are going to do it again. The first reason why i think sex offenders names should be public is for the protection of both genders and children in the area. Men and women can both sexually abuse someone. Sometimes when your walking by someone you never really think to yourself that the person you just walked by can actually be a sex offender. Sex offenders names are already public but the reason i am for it is because then people actually can try to prevent it by taking there time and looking through the list of sex offenders and what the person did, who is actually by them and live close to them. Both genders can still be harmful, or even harmed. This whole topic and situation is just scary to picture and talk about but personally it needs to be out there, and the sex offenders website for your state needs to be always updated. When your a child you never think that someone can actually do something that harmful for you and it is just sad. Any person has a right to know so that they actually have a chance to protect themselves. Thats one of the reasons why i think that sex offenders name should be public. The second reason why i think a sex offenders name should be public is so sex offenders name to be out there for everyone to see and so they have to live with what they did. Also because they won’t be able to hide if someone ask them about it, for instants trying to get a job and lying about it. The thought of being sexually offended is scary and i personally don’t think anyone would want to go through that. People who are sexually offending shouldn’t be afraid to tell on the person, because a lot of the people who don’t tell often who did to them might do it to someone else, and if they talk they can prevent it from happening again. I don’t understand how an adult can take avenge of a person knowing that it is wrong. How to cite Making Sex Offenders Names Public, Papers

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Innovation and Business for Personality -

Question: Discuss about theInnovation and Business Developmentfor Personality. Answer: Personal Reflection: The personality of an individual determines his behavior in group meetings. The sum total of the behaviors of the members of a group forms the group behavior. The task given to me was research and analysis on the target market, creating marketing mix, launching strategy and brand advertising. The team was excellent in its work and the work was evenly assigned to all the group members. I actively volunteered to conduct a research on the marketing part of the project and always completed my task within the provided time. I have been consistent in attending all the meetings held by my team and have proactively helped my team leader whenever it was required. I have also been creative in developing the marketing strategies. However, my only weak point was that I was more like a listener and doer rather than being more expressive. I did not express my thoughts and view points during the team meetings rather I was directed my by team leader. Literature Review: The literature review discusses various relevant theories and concepts related to the relevant topic. Johari Window: According to Saxena (2015), Johari window helps in understanding the relationship of individuals with themselves and with others. The blind spot in the window represents the situation in which a person is unaware of some information about him while the others are very well aware of his capabilities. Arena represents the situation in which an individual as well as his peers understand his traits. On the other hand, faade represents the situation in which a person very well knows himself but is not known to others. The unknown zone represents the situation in which the person neither knows himself well nor is understood by others (Tran 2016). Belbins Team Role: According to Eubanks et al. (2016), the Belbins team role examines how an individual behaves in a team environment. This method scores individuals on how effectively they express their behavioral traits in nine different team roles namely plant, resource investigator, coordinator, shaper, monitor or evaluator, team worker, implementer, complete finisher and specialist. All the nine roles have different characteristics and traits. On the other hand, Lehmann-Willenbrock, Beck and Kauffeld (2016) argued that there are fundamental issues in the definition of the nine roles. Various scholarly studies have shown that the observational approaches yield only five role constructs instead of nine. Art and Craft of Giving and Receiving Feedback: According to Vivanti et al. (2017), the evaluation and discussion of the performance of the employees and the employers in an organization is known as feedback. Feedback helps in aligning the behavior at workplace with the overall objectives of the organization or the team. It has been observed that the leaders are required to give feedback to their team members so that the members can continue to improve his/ her role in the team. Cooperation in the working environment is an important aspect for the achievement of the goals of an organization or a team. References: Eubanks, D.L., Palanski, M., Olabisi, J., Joinson, A. and Dove, J., 2016. Team dynamics in virtual, partially distributed teams: optimal role fulfillment.Computers in Human Behavior,61, pp.556-568. Lehmann-Willenbrock, N., Beck, S.J. and Kauffeld, S., 2016. Emergent team roles in organizational meetings: identifying communication patterns via cluster analysis.Communication Studies,67(1), pp.37-57. Saxena, P., 2015. JOHARI WINDOW: An Effective Model for Improving Interpersonal Communication and Managerial Effectiveness.SIT Journal of Management,5(2), pp.134-146. Tran, B., 2016. Communication: The Role of the Johari Window on.Handbook of Research on Effective Communication, Leadership, and Conflict Resolution, p.405. Vivanti, G., Duncan, E., Dawson, G. and Rogers, S.J., 2017. Facilitating Learning Through Peer Interactions and Social Participation. InImplementing the Group-Based Early Start Denver Model for Preschoolers with Autism(pp. 87-99). Springer International Publishing.

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Communication Styles Worksheet Essay Example

Communication Styles Worksheet Paper You spent the past few yearss researching the resources available to pupils at University of Phoenix. and you want to portion what you learned with a friend who is interested in inscribing. Write a 150- to 200-word e-mail to your friend sum uping the resources available to pupils. Hi. I would wish to go on with our conversation from earlier today on your involvements in go toing the University of Phoenix . This university has many resources to impart you a manus in making your ends. The Center for Writing Excellence has an copiousness of information and ushers to assist you with your punctuations and grammar in your authorship. There is besides the plan Riverpoint Writer. This plan is designed to take your information and decently arrange your papers. It will even help with quotation marks and mentions and mention them right for you. The University besides has the plagiarism checker. We will write a custom essay sample on Communication Styles Worksheet specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Communication Styles Worksheet specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Communication Styles Worksheet specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The checker will analyse your documents and state you what your per centum of plagiarism you may hold in your paper which allows you to travel back and repair your errors to avoid plagiarism. The concluding plan I want to present to you is WritePoint. Before you submit your documents. you can direct your documents to WritePoint and they will proofread and look into your documents for you at any clip. Giving thoughts or suggestions and doing alterations to better your paper are some out of many accomplishments that this plan has to offer. Once you enroll into the University of Phoenix you have complete entree to all of these excellently helpful plans. I am dying to hear your ideas and possibly even your determination on going a Phoenix yourself! You asked your facilitator to reexamine your e-mail bill of exchange. She liked what you wrote and asked you to compose a drumhead to post in the category forum for the other pupils to read. Write a 150- to 200-word drumhead for your category of the resources available to pupils. Remember to compose utilizing an academic tone. The University of Phoenix has legion resources accessible to pupils go toing and fostering their instruction. For illustration. in the University’s online library you can happen the Center for Writing Excellence or CWE. For those who want to better their authorship or go better authors so this is the tool for you. The Plagarisism Checker is another plan that evaluates your paper to do certain you have non plagiarized and ensures that you turn in a clean and alone paper of your ain. WritePoint and RiverPoint are two different types of plans so be certain non to acquire assorted up. WritePoint is used to measure your paper and gives you thoughts. suggestions. or remarks to help in bettering your paper. Riverpoint author. on the other manus. decently formats your documents in the APA format which is the manner used at this University. For those who have problem in the math country. the Center for Mathematics Excellence is your finish. This plan is besides found in the University’s online library. It has helpful tutorials. step-by-step jobs that you can utilize for pattern and picture when you need them. Get downing your first math category after months or even old ages without traveling through it can be rather chilling but fortunately for you. this university has a plan to assist you. The edifice mathematics assurance is an astonishing plan that helps you get over that first initial panic of acquiring back into your mathematics category.

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male aggressiveness essays

male aggressiveness essays Compared to many other places in the world, the homicide rate for Miami-Dade County is troublingly high. The principal contributors are men. It is known that men are more prone to commit homicides than women. It is not known, though, what makes men so much more aggressive than women. Experts propose various theories, yet none provides a definitive explanation. Should one look to the side of genetics for answers or explore social structures and cultures? It may be some combination of genetics and social structure that will lead us to the answers, including to the question of why Miamis homicide rate is comparatively high. Some say that aggression can be traced to genetics. Testosterone, a male hormone that is linked to aggressive behavior, pumps through the veins of all men in large quantities, whereas only a small amount is found in women. By contrast men have low levels, but women have high levels, of the neurotransmitter seratonin, which inhibits aggression and impulsivity. Female have a larger "verbal" portion of the brain which is said to be the reason why they can express feelings and emotions more readily than males. These facts point to genetic reasons why men are so aggressive, but there is still another side of the question to explore. Why is the homicide rate in Miami-Dade County higher than that of, say, urban areas of Switzerland which have virtually no violent crime? If biologists are correct, there are no rational differences in the genetic makeup of males, or for that matter females, that can account for such variation in rates of homicide and other kinds of violent crime. Thus there must be some nongenetic reason why homicide rates differ from country to country. In areas of Europe such as Switzerland, a homicide is nearly unheard of; people rarely kill each other. They live in peace with one another and learn to respect other men and women. Such societies teach their men and women to be tole...

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Journal entry #6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Journal entry #6 - Essay Example As disclosed, the attributes range from being cheaper and more efficient; possesses the ability to record live scenes; has â€Å"the ability to manipulate temporal and spatial perspectives† (Wang & Shen, 2007, p. 4); to capture both animation and motion; simple and easy to use; enhances stimulation; presents appropriate source and material to learn a foreign language; offers individualized, opportunities for oral practice; and can be utilized within the classroom setting (Wang & Shen, 2007). The authors further discussed the characteristics of ESL learning, first through a more generalized perspective prior to delving into the applications in China. The theoretical frameworks were likewise expounded by discussing the Krashen’s second language acquisition theory; theory on how learning occurs; the cognitive theory; information processing and dual coding theories (Wang & Shen, 2007, pp. 7-8). The proposed tentative model was finally discussed focusing on the cognitive the ory and the Cognitivists’ Information Processing Theory, among others. The vast amounts of new information provided by the authors in terms of learning the role and value of captioned video in ESL learning posed instrumental benefits to educators. As reminded, the applicability of the tentative model depends on factors that range from the â€Å"attributes of the media, the specific learning tasks, and the learner characteristics† (Wang & Shen, 2007, p. 10). Educators should therefore learn more on the subject to appreciate its